Quickbooks Point of Sale Technical Support

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Quickbooks Point of Sale Technical Support

QuickBooks Point of Sale is designed to create strong customer service and to keep customers happy. It tracks the customer’s information and possesses numerous features to keep them coming back, including tracking their past purchases so you know what brands and products they prefer to buy. However, the Basic version of this POS system software does not allow you to capture shipping addresses or set up a rewards program for loyal customers.

The wonderful thing about QuickBooks Point of Sale is the tasks you perform everyday with this system will be fast and easy. The interface is simple to navigate and understand. The system automatically adjusts your inventory without you having to do anything manually. With many systems, you may lose time accepting credit or debit cards, but this POS system software is designed to be more efficient and speed up that hectic process by doing it in a single click.

There is one major downside to QuickBooks Point of Sale. According to their manufacturer, Intuit, it is not designed for a few specific types of retailers. That list includes retail stores without a physical location, grocery or convenience stores, liquor stores, gas stores and full-service restaurants. If your business falls under one of those categories, then just know that this POS system software might be missing features that you need.

Features of QuickBooks Point of Sale